Doctor's Testimonials

Don’t just take our word for it, have a look at what our doctors have to say.

"Having dealt with many locum agencies over the past 2 years, I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Jon & Jon Medical Recruitment to anyone seeking locum work in Australia: they truly are second to none. Jon McKenzie's application to the job at hand is always 100%, and it was very reassuring to know that he was consistently working so hard on my behalf. He also always understood what I was looking for, and had a remarkable ability to find me terrific, rewarding assignments. I was also greatly impressed by his speed of response, whenever I had a concern or a query. Quite simply, if you're looking for the "Rolls Royce" of recruitment agencies, Jon & Jon Medical Recruitment is it!"

Dr David.S

"I have been in contact with Jon & Jon for the last six months. During this time they have arranged locum work for me at various locations in Victoria, Tasmania and NSW. I find their staff personable and very easy to work with. Their arrangements have been impeccable. They follow up queries promptly and keep me informed. They are easy to contact, either by phone or email and respond in a timely manner. I have no hesitation in recommending them for doctors seeking locum work."

Dr Elliot.R

"Having worked as a locum psychiatrist for several years now you soon get to know the honesty and integrity of the various agencies. Without a doubt, my experience with Jon And Jon has been and remains a good one.

My primary agent, Jessica Hernando, and her associates have been courteous and honest. They have provided a great one to one personalised service. They genuinely assist with compliance issues and are always available to resolve any queries."

Dr Stephan.T

"Jon and Jon will always strive to accommodate my requirements. They continue to provide an increasing choice of work locations and last but not least will give the best rates."

Dr. John.G

"I have just returned from a year working in Sydney as a GP from June 2015. I am a UK trained GP and I found the administration process very complex. Jon & Jon was extremely helpful in supporting me through this process. They were the only recruitment consultancy that responded in a timely fashion and listened to my specific requirements. I contacted about 8 different companies but none of their suggestions were suitable for my requirements. Jon & Jon worked hard to find me two 6 month jobs in great locations, for the hours I wanted and for good remuneration. I thoroughly enjoyed working as a GP in Sydney and am grateful to Jon & Jon for the opportunities they provided. Their knowledge of the city and the medical system is exceptional. I would highly recommend them to friends and colleagues."

Dr Kate.F

"My experience with Jon and Jon has been very positive. I have felt supported throughout, and have found the staff to have exercised both professionalism and warmth. I would recommend Jon and Jon to friends and colleagues"

Dr Mary.I

"I have worked with Jonathan McKenzie for the past year whilst working as a locum and finding a permanent practice for me to work in the one area. Jon is, without a doubt, the most professional agent that I have dealt with over the past 8 years while I was doing locums and using agencies to find my placements. He is courteous, friendly and respectful. He went even further to actively canvas my preferred postcodes and had me placed in two of these practices for a trial.

I have zero hesitation in recommending him to any doctor, and if you let him know whatever it is that you want, then he will spend the hours, weeks even, finding it for you"

I can be contacted for any verification via the internet in Frankston Victoria at Medical One.

Dr Alistair.L

"I am very impressed by the care and service that I have received from Jon and Jon whilst working for them as a locum. They are a very efficient team, that works hard on securing my locum work and arranging my paperwork. Having used many other agencies over last eight years I believe Jon and Jon are the best"

Dr Samuel.M

"I have been a locum GP for over two years. Working as a locum with Jon and Jon employment agency has meant that I have been able to travel to different communities and places that I otherwise would not have gone to. I have had the privilege to meet and help so many wonderful people, to enjoy their country, and to feel their spirit.

I have always felt supported by Jon, he is just a phone call away. He has been considerate of my needs not just as a Doctor, but also by recognising and supporting my personal needs as a wife, mother and grandmother. I really do appreciate the effort that he has made for me and my family so that I can continue to do the work that I love."

Dr Aleeta.F

"I have been working with Jon & Jon Medical for a year as a locum, and been very happy with the helpful and supportive level of service they have provided me. I will continue working with them exclusively as long as I am a locum doctor. If you are looking for work I would recommend contacting Jon & Jon, you won’t regret it."

Dr Mohamed.H

"My experience with Jon and Jon has been entirely positive. They have helped me find suitable rural locums, assisted in all the arrangements and then been available if I've had any questions. I'd be happy to use them again."

Dr Kate.S

"I would have no hesitation in recommending Jon and Jon Medical Recruitment Consulting. As a doctor who is usually based in Ireland - I required a very competent locum agency to manage the logistics of finding work for me in rural Queensland. I dealt with Jonathon McKenzie who was diligent in finding the most suitable position for me. He kept in regular contact throughout and I was very impressed with his professionalism"

Dr John.B

Two days before Christmas last year I had to cross Ellery Creek as the waters ebbed, while on the other side of the community, the Finke river was in full flow: just another day at the office in Central Australia. Fortunately, Jonathon provides excellent backup and I made it back to Adelaide for Christmas Day. Jonathon arranged for me to go back to the Finke on 2 further occasions, understanding the kind of work I am looking for. I have just arrived in north-west QLD and he was able to help when I couldn't get into my accommodation, out of hours. Tomorrow I will be driving 500km to help out at a clinic for a few days. Next month It will be the Tanami desert, with help for all arrangements as a matter of course, including getting my bike there.

Dr Mary B.

"On each locum with Jon & Jon, I have found them to be courteous and helpful. I never had issues with clients paying on time or contractual problems. In particular Jon wrote a supporting letter for a grant submission free of charge. I was successful in getting the grant which enabled me to travel to Hawaii for a conference. I would thoroughly recommend Jon & Jon to all."

Dr Daniel.C

"When it comes to choosing a locum agency for medical practitioners there are a few to choose from in Australia. And I have had experience with some of them.... After working with various locum agencies for more than two years, I can certainly say that I am amazed at the efficiency and professional qualities of Jon and Jon medical recruitment consulting.

My recruitment agent Ms Dablar got me my first job within hours of the first contact. All the paperwork felt like a breeze with her input. She kept in touch with me throughout my assignment and even helped me with the time sheets. The pay was prompt on all occasions. My requests with finding a locum position in a particular area were immediately and effectively dealt with.

I feel confident that Jon and Jon recruitment consultancy can very effectively represent me professionally. I wish them all the best."

Dr Alice.K

"Jon & Jon...Your personal commitment to an excellent service and your attention to details has exceeded all expectations"

Dr Win.Y